the sacred Name

Why I believe this is important:

Jer 23:27 Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal.

Baal was worshiped by the Phoenicians and called, “Lord.” In Matthew 12: 24, the Pharisees accused Jesus of casting out demons by Beelzebub, the lord of demons. Baal was the term used in the Middle East to describe the gods. The Lord never revealed Himself as Baal or even the Lord.

He did reveal Himself as:

יהוה Yod(י), He (ה), Vav (ו) , He (ה)

This is the Tetragrammaton. The Jews before the birth of Jesus, decided to put a hedge of protection around the name of the Lord so as to not take His name in vain. He never told us that we could not say His name; He told us simply not to use it in vain. Since the Jews stopped pronouncing His name, the actual pronunciation is not fully known. We do know that His name is not “The Lord.” That is a title and not a name. Not only that satanists and luciferians call the devil, lord and even god. So it is important to have a distinction for the name of the Father.

In the Hebrew culture they have a lot of names that have the name of the Lord in their name. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Hezekiah, Zechariah… to name a few.

Yirmeyahu/ Jeremiah

Yesha‘yahu/ Isaiah

Yechizqiyahu/ Hezekiah

Z’kharyahu/ Zechariah

When you look at these names, you see the name of the Lord, “Yahu.” That is the Yod, He, Waw. Sometimes the writers simply wrote, “Yah” (Exodus 15:2) Yah is another name for Him. When you place the last “Vav” to “Yahu” to finish the tetragrammaton, we get, Yahuah. Pronounced, (ēyaw-hoo-ah). Some people say, Yahweh or Jehovah. You cannot go wrong pronouncing His name. Even different people from different parts of the world pronounce my name different ways all the time. We can all agree that He is Abba Father (Romans 8:15).

The name of Jesus. The Geneva Bible of 1560 and the original King James Bible of 1611, translated the Savior’s name from Greek as “Iesus.” Jesus’ name in Greek though is the same name that was used for Joshua in the Septuagint. Joshua’s name in Hebrew is Yahusha or Yahushua. It is literally translated to mean, “I am He that saves.” When Jesus told the Pharisees that He came in His Father’s name, He meant it (John 5:43). The beginning of His is “Yahu.” It is a very beautiful picture.

Yahusha is the Christ. Cristos in the Greek means, “to anoint.” It is the same word as the Hebrew-English word, Messiah. Messiah in Hebrew is Mashiach. HaMashiach means, the Messiah. To be anointed meant that you were the chosen one to rule as king. I need to do a more in depth teaching on these terms but in this quick look it suffices to say, Yahusha is the Messiah. He is King and Ruler of the earth. The last words recorded of Yahusha in the book of Matthew, He tells us that He has all authority in heaven and earth. He is Yahusha HaMashiach (Jesus Christ.)