the flat Earth (my testimony)

The first thing I must say is to do your own research and make your own decision. DO NOT go to the flat earth society for research. They really do not endorse the truth of the flat earth but mock the flat earth.

I am simply going to give my main three reasons why I believe that we live on a flat plane and not a spinning ball. I will write more essays and do videos for sure.

  1. Genesis 1:1 the earth was created before He made the sun which came on the fourth day, Verses 14-19. If you take the scripture literally (which I do as did Jesus) then you must believe that the earth spun around nothing until the sun was created. The sun and moon and stars were created to govern the light and the darkness. They were made for the discernment of time and seasons. The phases of the moon are a part of its makeup and governed by the Word of God. His Word upholds all things. (Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 11:3; 2 Peter 3:7)
  2. No matter how high you rise, the horizon rises with you. No matter the size of the ball, if you were to rise above its surface, the horizon would not rise with you. This to me proves that we live on a flat plane. Water always finds its level and doesn’t bend. If there was a magical force strong enough to hold the Pacific Ocean to the ball, that force would also have to be weak as to let butterflies fly. It simply doesn’t make sense. Up is up and down is down. People do not walk upside in Australia. Things fall because they are heavy. That is true science: density and buoyancy.
  3. There is not one real picture of the earth. Everything is computer generated. Everything looks so fake. The corporation that puts out all of these pictures also has deep roots in the occult and freemasonry. Research that agency yourself and you will find out that the original participants were Nazi’s from Germany and members of secret occult organizations. Even it didn’t have a shady past, they still do not give a picture that is real. They can’t go beyond the supposed “Van Allen Radiation Belt” not because it really exists but because we live under a dome. God created us in an enclosed earth. The firmament above us keeps us here. Bottom line if the world understood that the earth was not formed out of some big bang and out of chance, but rather it was formed by a loving God on purpose, the world would know it had to answer to that God.

There are so many more reasons, truly. When I first heard of the flat earth, I laughed. Then I said what everyone else says, why don’t ships sail off the edge. We all have been programmed to say that. That programming is proved by everyone who says that.


It is impossible for a ship to sail off the edge because there is no Antarctica. It is a solid wall of ice that surrounds us. The North Pole is directly in the center of the earth.

I will not go any further. I have been a flat earther since November of 2017. The hardest part for me to accept and I am sure for most people, is that I have been lied to. Not only have I been lied to, everyone has. Every government has been involved and lying to us. If I didn’t know Psalm 2, I would not believe it. But Psalm 2:1-3 tells us that the kings of the earth plot against the Creator of the earth. Why? There is so much to get into with this. It all goes back to the Garden of Eden and the fact that the enemy wants to rule the earth. If he can work with the elites in this world to hide God from us and control us, he can make war with Him. Just like we know the book of Revelation has already prophesied that the kings of this earth will join with the antichrist to make war against Jesus in the the end times. Today the agenda is pushing the nations toward one world government.

I will write more of this because it is tied into so much more. Look for video teachings and essays on Genesis 6 coming in the future.